Kewanee Literature

We provide the data sheets below at no charge as a courtesy to our customers. Cici Boiler Rooms does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in Kewanee's data sheets and manuals.  Call us for pricing and availability on any literature you need that is not on this page.  Any literature that is not on this page is available only by purchase. Call 1-800-848-8197 to inquire.
Data Sheets
Classic III - Model H3S
High Pressure Steam
Model "C"
Firebox Boiler
Series 400
Firebox boiler for oil, gas, or stoker
Classic III - Model L3S
Low Pressure Steam
Model "M"
Firebox Boiler
Series 500
Mechanically fired-oil, gas or stoker boiler
Classic III - Model H3W
High Pressure Water
Model "R"
Firebox Boiler
Series 5000
Low pressure oil, gas, or stoker
Classic II - Model H2S
High Pressure Steam
Type 7L 73-90
Firebox Boiler
Low scotch boiler
Classic II - Model L2S or L2W
Low Pressure Steam or 30 PSI Water
Type 7L 280-291
Firebox Boiler
Low scotch boiler
Scottie Jr HX20-H150
Scotch Boiler
Model 3R
Firebox Boiler
Scotch Boiler 52-651 HP
Scottie Jr HM6-HM30
Scotch Boiler
Type K-4.5
Firebox Boiler
Series 300 (307-324)
Smokeless Portable Boiler (307-324_
KF Burner
Kewanee Gas/Oil Burner
Type K-5
Firebox Boiler
Series 300 (379-390)
Smokeless Portable Boiler (379-390)
Phoenix Burner
Kewanee Gas/Oil Burner
Type K-4
Firebox Boiler
Series 900
Smokeless Portable Boiler (932-943)
KR Burner (OEM Gordon-Piatt)
Gordon Piatt Gas/Oil Burner
Round Type "R" Boiler
Residential Boiler 96,000-324,000 btu/hr
Horizontal Deaerator
DA .005


Wiring Diagrams, Tube Selection Data, Fire Test Reports, etc.
Manuals, original wiring diagrams, and fire test reports are available for most Kewanee units built after the late 1960's.   Since these documents are stored off-site, they must be purchased from our parts department by calling 1-800-848-8197.  Our parts department can check the price and availability of special literature you may need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happened to Kewanee? 
Kewanee went out of business in 2001, but parts are still available.  You can order directly from from Cici Boiler Rooms.

Q: I have a question about a Kewanee boiler.  Can you help me?
Our parts department is available to answer basic questions about the parts we sell only.  We do not have service technicians available to provide technical support over the phone.   We recommend that you contact a qualified service contractor in your area for tune-ups, troubleshooting, and general support.

Q: Can I purchase Kewanee parts locally?
Since Kewanee is out of business, there are no "factory-authorized sales reps."  Parts can be purchased directly from Cici Boiler Rooms.  We ship worldwide.

Q: What is you return policy?
We do not normally accept returns for repair parts.  See our returns policy.

Kewanee Boiler

Q: Does our Kewanee boiler have asbestos?
Our company only sells replacement parts.  We do not have any information regarding asbestos used in manufacturing.

Q:  What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express for all first orders.   You can also pre-pay by check or wire transfer.

Q: Our company likes to pay with purchase orders.  Can I set up a Net 30 account with Cici Boiler Rooms?
Initial orders must be prepaid or placed with a credit card.  High-volume customers can inquire about a Net 30 account after six months of ordering history.  Regardless of the circumstances, we are unable to set up accounts for companies that have not established a six month high-volume ordering history.  This applies to wholesalers, manufacturing reps, hospitals, schools, state/local government, etc.

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